Pedestrian Control Security Systems

Pedestrian control with turnstiles has been a popular method for managing traffic flow in retail environments for over a century.

Turnstiles are used to regulate pedestrian entry and exit, prevent unauthorized access, and increase security in retail stores. These entry control systems have evolved over time, with more recent optical turnstiles using IR(Infra-Red) photo-beams becoming increasingly popular in the last two decades

In a retail environment, turnstiles are typically designed to be durable and withstand the demands of heavy foot traffic. They are usually made from solid steel materials with durable internal components, ensuring longevity and reduced maintenance costs. Retail pedestrian gates are also commonly installed with turnstiles and barriers to providing shopping cart access and public accessibility for special needs patrons.

Overall, pedestrian control with turnstiles is an effective way to manage traffic flow and increase security in a retail environment. It allows for controlled access, while also providing convenience for shoppers and reducing the risk of theft and unauthorized entry.

As an approved dealer for Turnstile Security Inc., Devon Technologies is able to offer sales, service, and installation of rugged and reliable pedestrian access systems. These crowd control systems include automatic gates, man gates, and turnstile products to count and control the flow of pedestrian traffic.

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