Data Networking to Keep Your Business Connected

Data networking is a system of technologies and protocols that allows devices connected to your network to communicate with each other and with other networks, such as the internet. In other words, data networking helps keep your business connected by allowing your devices to share data with each other and with other networks.

Data networks are designed to transfer data between two or more access points using system controls, transmission lines, and data switching. This means that devices can transmit data to each other by following a set of rules and using different pathways to get the data to its destination.

Computer networks, including data networks, are made up of different computing devices that communicate through physical or wireless connections. These connections allow devices to share data locally and across different locations, creating a spider-web-like system of connectivity.

Overall, data networking helps businesses stay connected by allowing devices to communicate and share data with each other. This is important for facilitating communication, collaboration, and efficient workflows in modern businesses.

As your licensed low-voltage electrical contractor, Devon Technologies has assisted many businesses with their business data wiring through the use of data racks for Cat 5 (no longer preferred) and Cat 6, patch panels, and network switches.

We can add additional wiring, run data cabling, accommodate your space expansions, and organize data networks by updating your internal infrastructure.

Data cabinets can be either freestanding or wall mounted depending upon your space restrictions and wiring configuration.

Additionally, we offer service to tidy up “rats-nest” conditions leftover from temporary patches and so on.

Call Ghostbusters?
  • Are you sick and tired of looking at messy networking equipment, or have you been disappointed by previous contractors leaving a mess of cables in your home or business?
  • Do you want to keep all your equipment in a secure location, so it can’t be tampered with?
  • Do you have an existing data cabinet that needs to be cleaned up?

We can definitely help!

For service or a free assessment of your data cabling needs contact Devon Technologies at 604-533-0205

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