6000 GB 1 Optical Turnstile


Optical Turnstile


The Turnstile Security Systems Inc, 6000-GB1 is a bi-directional Optical Turnstile. With its combination of integrated sensors and motorized panels, preventing unauthorized entry and will provide you with secure bidirectional control. Its elegant and contemporary pleasing appearance will make these units blend into any high end building environment. Optical Turnstile admits one person per valid “card-read” or other authentication, such as bio-metrics. The T.S.S. 6000-GB1 Optical Turnstile is intended for a manned lobby where lobby staff intervention & assistance are available.

An access card or other credential is presented to the customer supplied access control reader mounted inside the casework. If entry is authorized, the Traffic Flow Indicator (TFI) will light as a green arrow pointing in the direction authorized, and a chime will sound indicating to the user that they may pass. Unauthorized access attempts and tailgaters are singled out by local visual/audible alarms and access control system event condition.


Standard Equipment and Materials:

  • 304 stainless steel, brush finish (standard)
  • 316 stainless steel, brush finish (optional)
  • Clear polycarbonate barrier (standard)
  • Tempered glass barrier (optional)
  • Stainless steel base plate
  • Welded stainless steel frame
  • Pedestal Body: Grained stainless steel finish with integrated Stainless steel frame. Radius casework construction such that no exposed seams appear at leading edges. Side panels are easily removable for maintenance.


  • Pedestal: Each T.S.S. 6000-GB1 pedestal is 7.87 W (200mm) x 38.97″ H (990mm).
  • T.S.S 6000-GB1 Standard pedestal Length is a 59.05″ (1500mm)
  • Lane: The standard lane width (distance between pedestals) is 25.59″ (650mm)for pedestrian lanes, and 36.02″ (915mm) for handicap accessible (ADA) lanes.



  • Optical Detection: Industrial duty infrared photoelectric beams (12) linked to Primary Interconnect Board (PIB) 16-bit microprocessor.
  • Sound Card: The T.S.S. SC01 Card emits 2 different tones to indicate lane status – i.e.; valid transaction, invalid card, unauthorized access attempt, or tailgate attempt. Digitally controlled, the Control board allows for volume adjustment on-board pedestal.
  • Reader Integration: Card Reader mountings for prox readers are located at both ends, immediately under the TFI. Swipe readers, bio-metric readers, or other access control systems can be integrated at both ends through coordination between access control dealer and T.S.S.
  • Power: A 240w 24VDC 10A power supply is provided by manufacturer for each set of up to 4 lanes. 120V 15A circuit should be provided on site.

Unique Features:

  • Bi -Directional Entry Control.
  • Architecturally designed to secure lobby while maintaining an open feeling in the lobby area.
  • Detects unauthorized pedestrian movement and tailgating.
  • Detects movement direction.
  • Audio and visual alarm in the event of an invalid entry.
  • Each end of the cabinet allows internal (under the lid) installation of proximity detectors.
  • End cabinet lane reference light.
  • Extremely fast throughputs.
  • ADA compliant passage widths available.
  • Fan shaped beam pattern reduces installation/alignment concerns.
  • Latest infrared technology to detect motion detection.
  • Streamline design that utilizes shared cabinets for multi lane applications.
  • Smooth operating motorized barriers.
  • CSA/UL certified.
  • Simplified plug-n-play installation and parts replacement.
  • Integrated stainless steel frame for strength, beauty, and durability.
  • Equipped with anti-crawl through detection.
  • Reduces false alarms – differentiates between tailgaters, wheeled laptop bags, and carried items.
  • Main and secondary interconnect boards are located at secure end of pedestal to prevent tampering.

Product Documentation

Devon Technologies is an Approved Dealer of Turnstiles Security Inc. For further details or information please contact us.