4 Arm Turnstile

Turnstiles offer an excellent means of creating a flow in one direction allowing customers easy entry while discretely directing them to exit at a monitored location. A Turnstile and Railing system can improve security and reduce losses. Modular posts, rails and other off the shelf components combine with turnstiles to create a clean, functional and custom entrance system.

Turnstile Cat. # 1001 & 1002 offer safety and good appearance. Rugged construction, incorporating heavy gauge materials and bearings on moving surfaces, provides years of trouble free service.Turnstiles are available with clockwise rotation Cat # 1002 or counter-clockwise rotation Cat # 1001.,Bolt heads are hidden by a cover which snaps over the floor mounting flange.,Header Post Cat. # 1003, 2 (two) Curved Rails. # 1004, and 2 (two) Cat. # 1013 End posts required to complete the installation. Minimum floor space 48″ x 42″.,Optional safety release header post cat. # 1003SR (not shown) releases in case of emergency.

A handicap gate may be required in the entrance floor plan to allow access for wheelchairs and strollers.

4 arm turnstiles are best applied at an area where the pedestrian traffic should only flow one way. Most applications will require by law a handicap gate to be used in conjunction with the 4 arm turnstile. 4 arm turnstiles are designed for low to medium security applications.
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