The slimmest automatic opening gate in the market place. When used in conjunction with our standard posts and rails provides a perfect access control solution for a distinguished entrance or exit route. When the gate is pushed in reverse direction, a breakout audio alarm releases a high pitched noise for 5 seconds alerting staff to a potential shop lifting. Easy to configure for new customer layouts and can be integrated into existing systems. In the event of power loss gate can be moved manually in both directions.

All materials meet the ASTM standards as set forth by the materials industry.

  • The gate post is constructed out of 1/8″ wall, 4″ dia DOM tube.
  • Arm closing controlled by motor, speed is 10RPM.
  • Standard gate arm lengths for ADA compliant.
  • Complete with white ABS sign panel and channels to hold sign.
  • Anchor bolts are hidden by cover which snaps over the floor mounting flange.
  • Custom gate arm length can be fabricated.



  • Bright chrome.
  • Stainless.


  • Push button over ride.
  • Computer interface.
  • Custom signage.
  • Can be linked to fire alarm system.



  • Allows for left hand or right hand operation, direction is set during fabrication.
  • Adjustable gate mounted miniature radar approach sensor.
  • Audible generic alarm.
  • One or Two way passage.
  • Standard universal sign.
  • Manual key switch operation enables deactivation of the gate if required.
  • Motor protection sleep mode prevents motor damage if the gate arm is blocked for more than 4 attempts it auto resets to home position.
  • Adjustable gate opening time ranging for 0 – 5 seconds to suit individual requirements.

Product Documentation

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